Angel Installation

Install WordPress

Before installing Angel you have to install wordpress. You can install it yourself or use any web host that installs wordpress for you. To know more visit WordPress.org.

install Angel

To install Angel go to Appearance > Add Theme > Upload Theme, Click Choose File,  select the angel.zip and hit Install Now. But don’t activate the theme if you want some customization,  install the Angel-child theme and activate this one.

1. First, go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New to add Angel Theme.

2. Next, Click Upload Theme to upload the theme file you have purchased.

3. Now, click Choose File and select the angel.zip file from your pc to upload it.

4. Next, click Install Now to start the installation process.

5. Finally, when the angel.zip file is uploaded and installed completely you will see «Theme installed successfully» message. But you should not activate this one, because when Angel Theme will be updated to a later version all modification you have made directly in the Angel Theme will be lost. Hence, we suggest you to install and activate the Angel Child Theme we provide for your convenience.   

6. Again, to install Angel Child Theme click Add New.

7. Now click Upload Theme to upload Angel child theme this time.

8. Click, Choose File  and select angel-child.zip to upload it.

9. Hit the  Install Now button to begin Angel child theme installation.

10. Finally,  you will get a confirmation that both the child theme And the parent Angel theme are installed successfully. 

Activate Angel Child Theme

Now that you have installed both Angel theme And Angel Child Theme go to Appearance > Themes hover over Angel Child Theme And click Activate to activate the Child Theme. 

Install Plugins

1. Go to Plugins, click Begin Installing Plugins.

2. Check all plugins. Then select Install in the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply.

3. And finally, you will see the confirmation that all plugins are installed and activated successfully.